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Established in 1972, Micken specialize in providing a full range of office furniture, including desks, chairs, cabinets & panels. With more than 40 years experience. We still strive to improve on the quality of furniture through technical and design innovations. Our aim is to provide superior quality products & services for our customers at competitive price.


『力臣文儀有限公司』於1972年創立,迄今四十年,在服務與品質上樹立了良好口碑,多年來廣獲客戶信賴與認同。力臣專營各類辦公室傢俱,包括辦公\會議桌、椅子、各式沙發、文件櫃及屏風等,款式時尚、質料上乘。我們並自設廠房專業研發,以吸取歐美各國在辦公傢俱設計上的經驗,對產品不斷改良及創新,務求以合理的價格為客戶打造舒適雅致的工作環境。我們以誠懇的態度、資深團隊免費繪圖、質優安全的產品及完善的售後服務提供給客戶;『力臣文儀有限公司』是你信心可靠之選。如有任何垂詢,歡迎來電2420 8310或電郵到info@micken.com.hk。

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